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Ecocert Organic Certification

In AMB Wellness, we believe in the importance of environmental responsibility and in making ethical choices when it comes to Cosmetics & Food products, which is why all our products are made with fair trade, GMO-free, Pesticides free & 100% natural.
AMB is meant to offer a Premium quality aloe vera raw ingredients to our customers all around the world. Therefore we are always looking after our customers' needs. Aloe Vera is in the top ten natural extracts, is highly demanded in different markets, and is the N in nature for many products because of its healing and caring properties. We offer the best natural, organic aloe vera products that will give your customers what they're looking for.

Organic has grown out of the conscious effort by inspired people to create the best possible relationship between the earth and humankind.
The organic term denotes that the products that have been produced in following specific standards during production, handling processing, and marketing stages, and a duly constituted certification body or authority as EcoCert certifies them.
Every time more people are changing into a healthier way of life, demanding new products according to their needs. Natural and green mass markets are rising fast, and the best way to approach these new customers that look for health but think that is too expensive is with our Aloe Vera formulations. They will get a bit of health for the right price. Read More at the Ecocert Web Page

USDA Organic regulation (NOP)

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Korean organic regulation (KOC)

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Organic EU regulation (EC)

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