Aloe Vera Fortified Gummies

A Novel Delivery System

Aloe Vera in gummies delivers more
nutrients and vitamins.

AMB Wellness Aloe Vera - Fortified Gummies

The market demands much greater differentiation than it did in the past. The days when a single multivitamin tablet satisfied all consumers are gone, today manufacturers have to offer functional foods with specific health benefit to meet individual consumer needs, the lifestyles of the consumer are changing and your company needs to adjust to new trends.

The herbs and botanicals market, as it applies to the dietary supplement, self-medication and functional food segments, is driven by consumer demographics and health concerns. Broadly speaking, these trends include anti-aging, weight control, joint and bone health, digestion/ immunity, cardiovascular health/diabetes, cognition/ memory, female/ male health and the growing wellness and beauty trends.

The fact that consumers are looking for better-for-you products is nothing new. However, the way in which nutraceutical manufacturers are adapting to their needs is something to talk about.Nutrition is top-of-mind for consumers today, but taste, convenience, and ease of use are also influencing purchasing decisions. With such demands from discerning consumers, it’s no wonder gummy formats are all the rage in the supplement space, supplement shoppers are looking to formats like gummies because they like taking vitamins and minerals in fun and easy delivery methods. These innovative delivery platforms such as gummies, provide an appreciated departure from consumers’ routine, allowing the consumer to have a more sensorial, enjoyable experience than with a tablet.

AMB Wellness Aloe Vera - Fortified Gummies

In terms of the active ingredients that are up and coming in functional foods, Aloe Vera has a well-known reputation in the consumer’s minds.

While vitamins are popular ingredients in the gummy format, aloe vera is known for its delivery properties to carry and TEER studies, make better vehicle to important number of other nutritional ingredients. From your standard multivitamin, to omega-3s and melatonin, to collagen peptides and probiotics. Gummies designed for specific demographics (prenatal, men’s, kids, etc.) which contain a variety of beneficial micronutrients are also increasingly popular.

Global Demand for Aloe Vera extracts will continue its upward momentum. The growing health and wellness trend will also boost positive sentiment on Aloe Vera, with wide-ranging applications opening up new avenues of evolution. Merge the need of innovative, high-quality and cost-effective products to ramping up your sales. Aloe Vera extracts are gaining traction as an essential ingredient in food, beverages, cosmetics, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals.

Demand will continue to grow at a healthy rate in global market, where a rapidly growing middle class with increasing disposable income is making a steady shift to natural and organic products. Factors such as increasing trend of consumers towards healthy lifestyle, coupled with increased usage of Aloe Vera extracts as an ingredient on food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries are showing a global market growth.

Aloe's polysaccharides contribute on drug absorption due to its enhancing properties. Currently, the new trend on Aloe Vera Global Market is using the Aloe for Nutraceuticals as a vehicle for other functional ingredients enhancing their bioavailability instead of using other carriers that will not contribute at all on the better absorption of the other ingredients, nowadays Aloe Vera can be found mixed with other actives such as vitamins, minerals, aminoacids, botanical extracts and so on. With the continued sedentary and hectic lifestyles of industrialized regions of the world and the relative increase of the senior segment of the world population, these trends are expected to grow. It is not the simple target to sale, but how can offer best results. Despite numerous issues facing the market, herbs and botanicals are set to experience the fastest growth of any of the nutraceutical categories, in fact, sales will continue to increase worldwide.

AMB Wellness Aloe Vera - Fortified Gummies

Aloe Gummies improve high bioavailability.

Every consumer's goal is to get the nutrition they are looking for in the form of foods and beverages that are easier to include in their daily diet. Major factors that fuel the growth of Aloe Vera extracts market includes increasing number of health conscious consumers, rising number of urban population coupled with increasing consumer awareness regarding the benefits of Aloe Vera extracts. In particular, consumers are gravitating toward ingredients within certain supplement platforms based on their perceptions that products can improve their well-being. These platforms include digestive health, active nutrition/sports nutrition, healthy aging and nutritional oils.

Gummy supplements aren't just for kids anymore. Today, kids and adults alike are drawn to these products for their visual appeal, ease of consumption, and compelling variety. As gummy supplements become more available and appealing to consumers, market research suggests the category will continue to grow. Manufacturers and marketers would be wise to understand that dosage forms for delivery of these ingredients can make as big a difference in consumer satisfaction as the ingredients themselves.

AMB Wellness Aloe Vera - Fortified Gummies

In fact, delivery forms can maximize the potential benefit of those ingredients. Today’s busy consumers look for easy-to-use formats. Healthy lifestyle consumers are also hungry for anything they perceive to be good for prevent illness.

Gummies are by far one of the most pleasing delivery format to take and both kids and adults are getting a higher bioavailability with Gummies than with any other dosage form. Studies show that one of the most common things preventing people to get the most benefit from food supplements is not taking them every day. To have a daily intake of the active ingredients increases the bioavailability and thus the efficiency of the supplement in question. Gummies takes advantage of the fact that the risk of forgetting to take the daily dose decreases the tastier and enjoyable the dosage form is to eat.

Today, one of the biggest hurdles is the limited amount of active nutritional ingredients you can add to the gummy matrix, compared to the amount you can include in a tablet and/or capsule. For example, to deliver 250 mg of vitamin C in a gummy, you would need three to four pieces to equal one serving, versus one tablet or capsule to deliver 250 mg vitamin C.

Aloe Vera is ideal as a carrier, excipient and bioactive enhancer for an active ingredient delivery system, this approach addresses the limitations of the traditional drug delivery systems, determination of pharmacokinetics, mechanism of action, site of action, accurate dose required etc.). There is a very large population worldwide which consume vitamins and many people also consume Aloe. Speaking in bioavility of larger consume of vitamins, using aloe vera combined, the effect of Aloe on the human absorption of vitamins C and E, the most popular vitamin supplement. The Aloe Gel absorption was 304%, Aloe Gel caused a significant increase in plasma ascorbate after 8 and 24 h. For vitamin E, aloe vera gel get 369% of absorption.
The results indicate that the Aloe improve the absorption of both vitamins C and E. The absorption is slower and the vitamins last longer in the plasma with the Aloe Vera. Aloe is the only known supplement to increase the absorption of both of these vitamins and should be considered as a complement to them.

"disclaimer" that FDA has not evaluated the claim. The disclaimer must also state that the dietary supplement product is not intended to "diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease,"because only a drug can legally make such a claim.

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