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AMB Wellness and the tissue paper evolution!

The personal care and hygiene industries have seen a dramatic growth in the number of new and innovative toilet paper and facial tissue product applications. The development of new properties and applications of tissues papers has been triggered by the changing marketplace.

The constant search for convenience and instant solutions to the always “on-the-go” lifestyles, have generated many new business opportunities within the tissue papers industries.

Today tissue paper has a strong competition, tissue paper products and requires develop defensive strategies to combat the erosion caused substitutes products as wet wipes, promote innovation in your tissue paper line and define the desired direction for improvement, one of this strategies is to infused with Aloe Vera and vitamin E Lotion and other skin care preparations, ingredients known for their soothing properties, to help to soothe and protect your sensitive nose and make a differentiation with your competitors and improve de desirable benefits for the consumer.

Aloe Vera for Toilet Paper

Consumers use paper products, such as facial tissues, toilet tissues, and paper towels, for a wide variety of applications. Facial tissues are not only used for nose care but, in addition to other uses, can also be used as a general wiping product. Consequently, there are many different types of tissue products currently commercially available.
Aloe Vera is very important to add value for marketing purposes; it also provides the ability to impart skin health benefits from natural sources as Aloe Vera.

For that reason AMB Wellness supplies Aloe Vera with great chemical properties intended to condition, hydrate and soothe the skin without irritation for repeated contact to the skin in order to better enhance the benefits to your personal care consumers.

In the evolution of tissue paper, what they contain has become just as important as how they feel.

The skin is a natural barrier to the penetration of many foreign substances. At times, the natural ability of the skin to protect itself may be compromised by external factors including abrasions, irritants, and the like. Attempts have been made to promote skin health through the use of various products containing additives, or by developing synthetic or naturally occurring polymers that mimic or complement the properties of skin in order to maintain skin health. Apply Aloe Vera juice in aqueous phase instead or water, and additive suitable water resistant. Such additives can include, for instance, a softener, a lotion, a skin-conditioning agent, a sunscreen agent, an anti-acne agent, an anti-microbial agent, a cosmetic astringent, an emollient, and mixtures thereof. In one embodiment, the hydrophobic agent can be selected from surface sizing agents known to those skilled in the art.

Soft toilet paper with Aloe Vera

These sizing agents are added to the tissue to primarily enhance the hydrophobic properties of the tissue sheet. In another particular embodiment, for instance, the water resistant chemical additive is a hydrophobic softener. In particular, the hydrophobic softener can be a silicone, such as a polymerized siloxanes or polysiloxanes Polysiloxanes are used primarily as softeners and anti-friction agents. The paper product can be any suitable tissue product, such as a paper towel, a wiper, a toilet tissue, a facial tissue and the like. Aloe is applicable to any paper sheet, as well suited for use in conjunction with paper tissue and towel products. Paper tissue and towel products as used herein.

Improve the feel of tissue products and create new sensory effects with Aloe and silicones, silicone-based softeners also go one step further. When deposited on paper fibers, Aloe Vera composition with silicone polymers display very good spreading characteristics and outstanding lubricating properties.

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