Aloe Body Care

Laundry Detergent

Aloe Vera; ideal for soap detergents!

Formulate your detergent (powder or liquid form) with natural Aloe Vera extracts, an offer an optimally coordinated tenside system, and reduce the risk of skin irritation, even with particularly sensitive skin, a fact that has been dermatologically proven, and biodegradable.

Detergents with a high content of Aloe Vera are genuinely eco and environmentally friendly. Besides, when you add aloe in your detergent's formula, your consumer gets a gentle product and kind to hands and clothes. Studies have found that there are more than 75 ingredients in the inner gel of the aloe plant's leaf. They are divided into several categories. One of them is Saponins, they have been used in detergents as foaming agents. As they also contain antiseptic properties.

The power of consumer perception is evident in the continually growing category of naturals; manufacturers need to be prepared to drive consumer interest into new options. Relating to naturals, the beauty industry has come to mean nutrition, health, and wellness, and emits feelings of happiness. In household care, the impetus for these new consumer priorities has come about through changing lifestyles. Prevailing social and demographic trends continue to influence consumers' changing attitudes toward household cleaning chores.

Aloe Body Care

The rise in the number of dual-income households, single-households, the increased presence of women in the labor market, and the rising number of elderly householders have a two-fold effect on the market. On the one hand, consumers have less time, energy, and willingness to perform heavy-duty cleaning. Secondly, the increase in per capita incomes allow consumers to spend more on products that save time and trouble.
It is substantially important to increase the mildness to skin of a laundry detergent composition containing an anionic sulphonate or sulphate detergent and a conventional detergent ethoxylated nonionic surfactant, without detriment to detergency performance, for example, by increasing the proportion of nonionic surfactant in the system, or by incorporating low levels of certain cosurfactants.

While real mildness benefits needs to be achieved, it is not always easy to communicate this concept to the consumer. That’s why the incorporation of Aloe Vera, an ingredient strongly associated with skin benefits due to its multiple active ingredients performs a natural cleansing action without leaving a side its moisturizing effect.

The Home Care and hygiene industries have seen dramatic growth in the number of new and innovative product applications. The changing market place has triggered the development of new natural applications. The challenge for Laundry detergent brands is to continue giving consumers a sense of value when brands are increasingly trusted. Consumers seem to have a fundamental faith in the Aloe Vera plant, the sap of which has long been recognized for its moisturizing and soothing properties. Like most innovations, Aloe Vera is available at a premium, with psychology reward using Aloe Vera as part of the formula. This opens up a whole new approach to fabric cleaning.

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Offer your consumers a Fresh and Natural perspective with Aloe Vera.

All the natural properties of Aloe Vera make it the perfect ingredient to keep skin clean. The content of saponins – substances of washing operation – is large enough to wash ourselves alone with Aloe Vera. However, the industry reaches after detergents that clean faster and more accurately. The problem is that standard cleaning agents have strong alkaline pH, and that elutes from the skin surface part of the natural protective layer – the hydro lipid mantle. The skin of a young man quickly copes with this problem. It looks worse when the skin is dry, weakened by age, and tends to decrease with allergies or the overall lousy condition of the body. Created of naturally derived and plant-based cleaning ingredients, infused with gentle Aloe Vera, leaves your clothes, towels, and linens fresh and clean. Aloe Vera as additive is a natural softener to cleanse and soften cloths gently. It has softened properties naturally occurring in Aloe Vera, which can also be used for handwashing clothes.

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