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IASC Certification

The IASC was formed in the 1980s to protect consumers of aloe vera and aloe vera-based products from adulteration and products falsely labeled as containing aloe vera. The IASC developed its certification programs to allow aloe growers, processors, and manufacturers to submit their facilities and products to an independent audit program and series of rigorous tests that authorizes them to display the IASC Certification Seal on all compliant products and marketing materials. The IASC standard states that only products containing acemannan, or the beta 1-4 acetylated glucomannans, can be accurately labeled as aloe vera. Acemannan is a naturally occurring polysaccharide present in aloe vera and used as an identifier of the botanical by analytical means. Products that do not contain acemannan are not considered to be pure aloe vera based on this standard.

The IASC certification programs provide a means for the aloe vera industry to self-regulate and demonstrate a commitment to supplying quality products that retailers can have confidence will meet the expectations of their customers. AMB WELLNESS is an authorized company to use the seal on our ingredients, so we can assure our customers that the aloe vera used is pure and meets IASC quality standards.

Consumer interest in natural products is at an all-time high, with a growing demand for goods that are produced sustainably. IASC supports the aloe vera industry in responding to this consumer demand by differentiating authentic products from inauthentic ones. Read More at the IASC Certification Web Page

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