Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

3.5 to 4.5.

The natural state of the human body is alkaline. However, sometimes, owing to several factors like the food we eat to the lifestyle we lead, the ph balance in the body is disrupted and it tends from an alkaline to an acidic state. Bad bacteria tend to thrive in an acidic environment leading to several illnesses. Here is where aloe vera juice comes in. It not only helps balance the ph levels but also eliminates acidity in the body, ph is a numeric scale that indicates how acidic or alkaline something is; measurement is from 1 to 14, where 7 is neutral, and below 7 is acidic, and above 7 is alkaline. What does that have to do with your skin,the normal ph of the skin is 4.7.

The follicle itself, the deviations were less, and the ph value corresponds almost to the physiological ph of 7.2-7.4. Due to this fact, ph-dependent drug delivery and release inside the hair follicles should occur at ph values from 6.5 to 7.0 to ensure the release only inside the follicle.

In the aloe vera industry, this raw material is not only measured by the % of total solids, as it happens in fruit juices and concentrates (which are distinguished by flavor, aroma, and Brix). Aloe vera juice and its concentration variants, are highly recognized as a functional drink, due to the content of more than 70 biocomponents and the most important are polysaccharides. The aloe in natural juice 1X contains 0.5% of total solids, and has no odor, color or flavor due to the fact that it contains malic and citric acid, it gives it a slightly acid taste. This juice, is called RTD juice, and "1X", is used for ratio.

Aloe vera hydrate the skin in personal care formulations? The juice is rich in vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and nutrients and helps keep the body hydrated. This, in turn, helps the body detox by flushing out impurities. In addition, the juice optimizes the body's organ output and keeps the liver and kidneys functioning properly.

Hydroxyanthracene derivatives are a class of chemical substances naturally occurring in different botanical species. The European Food Safety Authority ('the Authority') concluded that hydroxyanthracene derivatives in food can improve bowel function, but advised against long-term use and consumption at high doses due to potential.

AMB complies with HAD (hydroxyanthracenes) by the European Commission, the European Food Safety Authority, (EF Regulation (EC) No 1925/2006SA), which refers about possible harmful effects associated with the consumption of foods containing hydroxyanthracene derivatives and preparations thereof, for example, in food supplements. Given that aloe-emodin and emodin may be present in the aloe extracts, during manufacture, hydroxyanthracene derivatives can be removed from the botanical preparations through a series of filtering processes resulting in products that contain those substances only at trace levels as impurities, content of Aloin and other HAD have always been important topics for us; with our proprietary process, we can offer Aloe Vera Raw Materials with very low traces of these compounds. We have established our LOD to 0.005ppm on a solution of 0.5% Total Solids of Aloe Vera, 1ppm in dry weight, using UPLC UV as Analytic Method. Link to the EC Regulation 2021/46.

Acemannan is a D-isomer mucopolysaccharide in aloe vera leaves, Acemannan's monomer is monoacetate linked by β-1,4-glycosidic bonds. Acemannan is a purified drug comprised of a highly dispersed ß1,4-linked acetylated polymannan with an average molecular weight of 1 to 2 million Daltons. Acemannan, therefore, is a naturally occurring active ingredient of Aloe Vera that can be isolated and purified into a drug. Acemannan consists of a polymer of β-1,4 linked mono-acetyl mannose as the main sugar present, with a broad range of molecular weights from the low thousands to the low millions found in the inner leaf parenchyma of Aloe Vera leaves. Acemannan is the immuno-modulator active ingredient of Aloe Vera with an optimal distribution of molecular weight, Acemannan is a long-chain sugar that interjects itself into all cell membranes; this increases the fluidity and permeability of the membranes allowing toxins to flow out of the cell more easily and nutrients to enter the cell more easily.

AcetypolTM is our newest development aimed to offer wellness and vitality to our customer's solutions. This product is made through an exclusive technique, a proprietary process of AMB Wellness made from insulated polysaccharides present in the inner Aloe Vera Gel by micro filtering, retaining polysaccharides up to 50,000 Da. The final product has a polysaccharide content of NLT 35% measured by HPLC/GPC, of which 70% is composed of Acemmanan -most accurately measured using the O-acetyl method ACETYPOLTM is its high concentration of acetylated polysaccharides, the immunomodulatory active ingredient of Aloe Vera with an optimal distribution of molecular weight and excellent ingredient to boost skin results faster than regular Aloe Vera powder. The IASC standard states that only products containing Acemannan, or the beta 1-4 acetylated glucomannan (also known as Acemannan), can be accurately labeled as Aloe Vera. Products that do not contain Acemannan are not considered to be true Aloe Vera. Acemannan (the name often used for Aloe beta-glucomannans, acetylated polymannans, and mucopolysaccharides is a long-chain sugar that interjects itself into all cell membranes. This increases the fluidity and permeability of the membranes allowing toxins to flow out of the cell easier, and nutrients to enter the cell more easily. This results in improved cellular metabolism throughout the body and an overall boost in energy production. Acemannan also acts as a potent anti-inflammatory agent. Protects the spinal cord from damage due to chemical poisons and harmful drugs. Detoxifies, cares for, and stimulates the cells of the immune system, improves metabolism, and provides increased energy levels. It is the natural bio-stimulant of the body. Acemannan is stored in all cell membranes, and thus it achieves an immune enhancing of whole our body against pathogenic parasites, bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Acemannan has shown several positive results as an aid in the treatment of immunodeficiency. Glucomannan and Acemannan have been proven to accelerate wound healing, activate macrophages, and stimulate the immune system as well as antibacterial and anti-viral effects, AcetypolTM is made out from selective mature and succulent plants of Aloe Vera to maximize the high fraction of molecular weight polysaccharide from Aloe Vera, main characteristic of the product is the high concentration of acetylated polysaccharides, the immuno-modulator active ingredient of Aloe Vera with an optimal distribution of molecular weight.

The IASC standard states that only products containing Acemannan, or the beta 1-4 acetylated glucomannan (also known as Acemannan), can be accurately labeled as Aloe Vera. Acemannan is a naturally occurring polysaccharide that is present in Aloe Vera and is used as an identifier of the botanical by analytical means. Products that do not contain Acemannan are not considered to be true Aloe Vera based on this standard also malic acid and glucose.

Following is a few of the vital functions Acemannan and the other constituents of Aloe have been found to perform. Acetypol benefits Make cells more resistant to viruses and pathogenic bacteria, by incorporating themselves into cell walls, and improve overall cellular metabolism and functioning* Reduce inflammation, Provide critical lubrication of joints; helping to prevent arthritis and to heal , it once it has developed, Aid in the absorption of water, minerals and nutrients in the GI tract, Reduce pain, Improve vascular Flow, Reduce scarring, Improve macrophage activity as much as tenfold, Enhance macrophage effectiveness in modulating the entire immune system, Enhance macrophage effectiveness in stimulating, producing, and releasing, Antibodies, Help heal athletic injuries such as: Muscle cramps, Sprains, Strains, Bruises, Swelling, Soreness, Tendonitis, and Bursitis, Soothe and promote the healing of intestinal disorders such as: Indigestion, Heartburn, Hyper-acidity, Peptic and Duodenal Ulcers, Colitis, and Hemorrhoids, Help with diabetes, Kill parasites such as: Pinworms and Threadworms, Speed wound healing by as much as 35%, Reduce allergic reactions, Stimulate bone marrow activity, Stimulate fibroblasts to release collagen and elastin to make new tissue, The healing power of Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharides explained, Takes stress off the immune system: Helps stop the bleeding, damage and leakage of the intestine wall, Relieves autoimmune response and allergic conditions: Helps to effectively balance and restore proper immune system function ,Reduce inflammation: very strong anti-inflammatory agent, By curing your disease or syndrome your body will restore the intestinal protective mucus lining, Encourages and increases: the tissue healing process. * Prevents the production of too much stomach acids which leads to heartburn, acid reflux disease, or gastroesophageal reflux disease known as GERD. * Will maintain or correct fluid levels within the colon after continued use: eliminating both diarrhea and constipation, by helping all the body's systems work together as they should: proper digestion, and absorption of foods and nutrients are no longer a problem, Will help to correct and protect the healing of former damaging processes, in the digestive tract, helps with people who have a problem with maldigestion, and all the pathological reactions associated with maldigestion. * Will cure and prevent anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-yeast, and anti-parasitic infections and viruses, Protects and encourages healthy flora in the digestive tract, Controls chronic yeast growth: to insure that normal healthy flora may remain, increases blood circulation through the body, Balances blood sugar throughout the body, Works as an intracellular antioxidant cleaning out all cells, Is absorbed by every cell in the body, Aloe mucilaginous polysaccharides act as a potent anti-inflammatory agent, absorbed through receptor sites, which are located within the human digestive tract, Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharides have a remarkable ability to: Help promote tissue growth and regeneration inside and out, Clean and Detoxify: Enhances the break-down and removal of excess waste, mucous, toxins, heavy metals, and foreign buildup from cells, tissues, and organs, Fortify Cell Walls strengthening cells' resistance and integrity, Improve cellular metabolism-enhancing energy and optimal functioning of each cell of the body, Help normalize damaging processes caused by poor digestion, Help enhance the immune systems functions, Help correct imbalances within the body and has broad-spectrum uses in cases such as constipation and diarrhea, Help take the stress off the immune system, Help increase the number and intensity of all immune cells in the body.

Aloe is a rich source of polysaccharides, and they are known scientifically, to boost your brainpower, improve your digestion and moods, and maximize your immunity. Polysaccharides seem to be essential to the needs of every cell in the body. Increasing your consumption of them through diet and supplementation could restore health in a short time. What these polysaccharides do in our bodies is a complicated process that leads to a cell to cell communication. It means that communication inside our bodies between cells is as significant to our well-being. Polysaccharides provide the building blocks needed to assemble healthy cells and enable these glycoforms to create correct cellular communication. There is a wide range in the size of the polysaccharide molecules you should become familiar with. Firstly, Aloe vera gel polysaccharides consist of linear chains of glucose and mannose molecules, and because there is considerably more mannose present than glucose, the molecules are referred to as polymannans. These linear chains range in size from a few to several thousand molecules. Different molecular-sized fractions possess different physical characteristics and differing potential biological activities.





All raw materials processed at AMB Wellness have been from the plant Aloe Vera (L) Burm. and are 100% covered by the human food regulations (intended for consumption by humans or animals, such as drinks products, food, and food additives), therefore, are EXEMPT from applicable titles of REACH REGULATION (Registration, evaluation, authorization, and restriction chemicals.

Yes, we comply, no pesticides, or insecticides are applicated to the plantation, AMB's aloe materials are processed from aloe vera leaves grown under organic agricultural practices in a pesticides-free environment under the inspection of authorized certification bodies.

All aloe vera raw materials processed by AMB, do not contain residual solvents as defined by the current edition of the united states pharmacopeia / national formulary (USP/NF) general chapter 467, European pharmacopeia chapter 5.4 and ICH residual solvents guidelines Q3CA, and during the manufacturing process is not used any kind of solvent derivates.

INNOVALOE ALOE VERA GEL SPRAY DRIED POWDER 200:1 processed by AMB Wellness is made only from the inner gel of aloe vera, the skin of the leaf is discarded. The color White to the beige of finished products is due to the natural color of aloe vera being yellowish and for this, we decolorize the inner gel to lower the natural color of the product.

All raw materials processed by (AMB WELLNESS) are pesticide-free according to regulation (EC) NO 396/2005 and the maximum residues limit (MRL) established and authorized. Furthermore, AMB's aloe materials are produced from aloe vera leaves grown under organic agricultural practices in a pesticides-free environment under the inspection of authorized certification bodies.

Natural agents have been used for cleansing purposes. Soaps, surfactants, and synthetic detergents have been used for decades for mouth, skin, and hair cleansing. The objective of cleansing is to remove surface dirt, makeup, the top layer of dead skin cells, tartar, food particles, and potentially harmful microorganisms from the skin or oral cavity.

Pure Aloe vera juice from the inside of the leaf, the Aloe vera gel, is a powerful complex of active ingredients for the skin and the entire organism. It supports the natural process of constant regeneration and is a great reservoir of nutrients for young skin cells.

Normally, a cosmetic product consists mainly of water (INCI: Aqua) - to be read first in the list of ingredients on the product packaging, the self-produced Aloe vera juice (INCI: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice) forms the largest ingredient share and leads the INCIs. Unlike water, pure juice contains all the ingredients of fresh Aloe vera leaves, of which specific polysaccharides (aloverose), essential amino acids, enzymes, mineral salts, vitamins, and antioxidants are particularly valuable and effective for skin care.

Aloe vera ingredient is a specific skin-related issue that personal care manufacturers develop to formulate good skin health free of infections, good skin tone, and adequate moisturization.

  • Stimulate fibroblasts to release collagen and elastin to make new tissue.
  • Aloe's lignins help to penetrate human skin.
  • Hydrates your skin.
  • Helps fighting with acne and other allergic disorders of the skin by cleansing and making pores clear and healthy.
  • Soothes and promotes skin renewal.

Hair and scalp care are also of concern to people. Customers generally prefer to have thick long hair with minimum hair fall. Dandruff is a commonly occurring scalp problem in which a fungal microorganism has been implicated.

Aloe vera extract enhances inter-cellular tight junction in skin cells thereby, providing enhanced moisturization of skin and reducing chances of skin infections. Considering the properties of Aloe vera and its compounds, it can be used to retain skin moisture and integrity, Aloe vera is used to improve skin integrity. Aloe vera is known for its anti-inflammatory, skin protection, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, antiseptic, and wound healing properties.

Skin irritation induced by surfactant-containing compositions—particularly cleansing compositions and other household products that may come in contact with a consumer's skin during use (e.g., hand dishwashing detergents, soaps, shampoos, and the like, detergents are particularly irritating to the skin, hand dishwashing liquid which provides cleaning benefits and hand care benefits. As remove grease and dirt from surfaces also tend to not affect the moisture and oils from the skin thanks to aloe vera.

Yes, designing your formula for bathing in people's daily life, has the effect of cleaning, nutrition, and protection skin, using aloe vera in your formulation instead of a chemical surfactant helps to reduce skin irritation, due to saponins in aloe vera, People try to take good care of the external surface of their bodies, people care about include aloe vera for good skin health free of infections, good skin tone, and adequate moisturization.

Liquid cleansing bath/shower soap formulations with aloe vera, relieve and/or prevent skin irritation by initiating a biological response in an individual, reducing the inflammation response of human skin, aloe vera soap home care formulations aid hands to be milder to the skin, enhances inter-cellular tight junction in skin cells thereby providing enhanced moisturization of the skin.

Aloe vera gel cleanser composition regulates female vaginal flora, this aloe vera formulation achieves the function of original microecological balance and keeps female customers away from inflammation troubles, increases probiotics, reduces the number of pathogenic bacteria, maintains vaginal microecological balance, improves vaginal cleanliness, improves vaginal mucosa immunity, and has good biocompatibility and obvious and lasting effect. Is aloe vera suitable for formulations of cosmetic facial preparation comprising aloe vera? Aloe vera has long been used as a topical treatment for the skin and also can help as a hypo-allergenic ingredient, Aloe vera provides a novel cosmetic facial preparation for cleansing and softening the skin and improving its texture. In addition, it restores vitamins and proteins to the skin, also provides a cosmetic preparation that contains vitamins and proteins to promote the health of the skin, and which also cleanses, softens, and improves the texture of the skin.

Aloe vera is very important in the personal care industry, aloe is suitable for cleansing and/or therapeutically treating the skin, hair, and any other sites in need of such treatment, and includes cleansing effectiveness, skin feel, mildness to the skin, hair, and ocular mucosae, and lather volume, to deliver such cleansing and conditioning benefits, aloe vera can be formulated moist wet wipes for facial cleansing.

Aloe vera concentrate or extract has cell growth promotion, antioxidant, and anti-allergy effects, and to a skin cell growth promotion, antioxidant, and anti-allergy pharmaceutical composition and functional health food or cosmetics containing the aloe vera is an active ingredient in any formulation. Aloe a Specialty Active Ingredient for skincare As a part of proving the efficacy of our Premium INNOVALOE Aloe Vera Ingredients on the skin, we conducted a Clinical Study for skin moisturization using our Innovaloe Aloe Vera Gel Concentrate 10:1TM; The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effect on skin moisturization of topically applied. The evaluation was determined using Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) and the barrier function of the Stratum CorneumSC demonstrated that our Aloe Vera Concentrate increased skin moisturization.

Aloe vera juice single strength 1x al 0.5% S.T, it is colorless, has no odor and slight acid flavor, no affect your formula, essentially odorless, and has no impact on product fragrance or color.

Yes, aloe vera is very common in face mask impregnated type with an aloe liquid cosmetic for a mask, for beautifying the face having tab parts and offering excellent ease of spreading out, convenience, and fitness, the face mask allows for easy unfolding and spreading-out of the base sheet material impregnated with an aloe liquid cosmetic formula that can be easily restored to a flat state from a folded state where the sections of the sheet are contacting each other of the face.

Aloe vera soluble can be used for cosmetic purposes. discloses a water-in-oil emulsion used in a soap bar, both applications, cleansing and humectation, composition, aloe contains saponins which helps to make a friendy soap with your face.

Infused with Aloe Vera and vitamin E Lotion and other skin care preparations, ingredients known for their soothing properties, to help to soothe and protect your sensitive nose and make a differentiation with your competitors and improve de desirable benefits for the consumer, adding silicone compositions with Aloe to a facial tissue or others can impart improved softness to the tissue while maintaining the tissue's strength.

Formulations containing Aloe have been topically applied to tissue products to increase the softness of the product, add a composition for a tissue product line containing a non-irritating skin health benefit ingredient as Aloe Vera in the process of making toilet paper, also provides the ability to impart skin health benefits from natural sources as Aloe Vera.

Adding an Aloe Vera lubricant solution to your surface enhancing agent, there continues to be a desire for a topical treatment for a baby diaper that can prevent or reduce the occurrence of several common skin disorders associated with disposable personal care absorbent garments. There is also the need to maximize application transfer to the skin at a minimum topical application add-on with demonstrable skin health benefits.

Aloe Vera can be applied continuously along the top surface of the inner layer or may be targeted to specific areas. It is particularly preferred to focus the higher concentrations of Aloe Vera in the areas of the diaper or other non-woven products that experience high-pressure contacts with the skin, such as the crotch area, the leg elastics, and the leg cuffs, and lesser concentrations in the areas of the diaper corresponding to the waist areas and other areas that do not experience substantial contact and exposure to the consumer. The Aloe with surfactant may be applied by any conventional means, such as saturation, spraying, printing, roll transfer, slot coating, brush coating, or internal melt addition. The surfactant may be applied to the entire top sheet or may be selectively applied to particular sections of the top sheet, such as the medial section along the longitudinal centerline of the diaper, to provide greater wettability of such sections.

Among Aloe vera's active components, we have lipophilic and hydro-soluble vitamins, minerals, enzymes, simple and complex polysaccharides, phenolic compounds, and organic acids, which together are responsible for its properties.

Aloe vera gel has great moisturizing properties. That's because it is rich in polysaccharides, which also give it a gel-like appearance. The polysaccharides are highly hygroscopic (water-loving) and bind to moisture. On the other hand, its structure forms a protective film for the skin, which helps give it its healing properties. It also aids protection of the epidermis and the skin's ability to restore itself. Some studies point to possible analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities of the gel; properties that would be particularly beneficial on skin wounds, burns, and promotion of radiation damage repair. Aloe vera gel also comprises vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and enzymes, which provide its skin-soothing effect.

Aloe vera is a water-soluble ingredient that can be added to water-based formulations like toners, foams, and emulsions. For most cosmetics are three phases for manufacture a cosmetic, aqueous phase, oily phase, and homogenization, aloe vera is 100% soluble in water, use direct o in solution with all the materials of the aqueous phase.

Aloe vera has a documented use in skincare for over two thousand years. The gel and its powdered derivative forms are very skin-friendly and have a low risk of causing allergies, sensitivity, or skin reactions. Aloe vera gel however is commonly used in after-sun products to soothe the skin. The gel and its powdered derivative forms once hydrated in cosmetic formulations such as emulsions, micellar waters, and toners provide a rich source of moisturizing, water-loving polysaccharides. Its structure forms a protective film for the skin, which aids the protection of the epidermis and the skin's ability to restore itself. Aloe vera gel comprises also vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and enzymes, which provide its skin-soothing effect, aloe performs at its best topically by soothing the skin and adding a hydrating, moisturizing layer.

AMB Wellness has many formulations for your requirements, market, segment, or specific products.

The antibacterial activity of Aloe Vera has been recognized by dentists when they found out that gingivitis strains, responsible for most periodontal diseases, cannot withstand Aloe, Aloe Vera strengthens the defense mechanisms that improve the condition of the Oral mucosa, helps in the application after surgery in the Oral cavity, Wounds after extraction heal much faster and without complications (avoiding the so-called empty socket), Aloe Vera accelerate the healing of various injuries and gum irritation, Aloe is an excellent ingredient as a tooth and gum cleaners. Aloe vera as an active ingredient cleans and soothe and helps fight cavities.

Aloe Vera helps with rash through its powerful healing activity at the epithelial level of the skin, a layer of cells that cover the body, It acts as a protective layer on the skin and helps replenish its moisture, Because of its nutritional qualities and antioxidant properties, the skin heals quicker, aloe vera is a moisturizer. Aloe moisturizes the skin without giving it a greasy feel, so it`s perfect for anyone with skin complexion, Aloe Vera acts as a moisturizer and is great for the face prior to the application to prevents skin drying, Aloe treats skin inflammation. It allows the skin to heal quickly and naturally with minimal scarring, the ability to add innumerable characteristics as botanical ingredients means that nonwovens are becoming more versatile and multipurpose.

Formulate moist patient cleansing wipes products, and line up your wet wipes products with Aloe Vera, which is ideal for hands and face, incontinence care, and antibacterial protection. Aloe Vera is kind to the skin of the patient care, Impregnate this natural ingredient to improve moist and skin cleansing wipe suitable for patient and care alike. These wipes provide the solution to care constantly on the go and less mobile patients, ideal for patient's beds, exploration facilities to cleanse hands effectively in between tasks, another kind of segment Premoistened, disposable wipes for people who have difficulty bathing due to injury or illness ith Aloe and vitamin E.

Make Caregiving wipes for personal use, designed to be soft on the skin with Aloe Vera and provide the tensile strength required when dealing with incontinent patients, avoid irritation, rash, and uncomfortable sensation, You can prepare for your line of wipes or towelettes for patient care, add Aloe Vera with germicidal for single-use wiping of the hands, Also formulate your solution with Aloe Vera and impregnated them to make a moisturizing emulsion and provides skin-moisturizing after cleaning area, also for Under pads products you can add in your formulation Aloe Vera, helps to provide care against red, irritated, painful excoriated skin. Incorporate Aloe Vera in your formulation and construction of the products provide the extra value of being low-friction and anti-skin shearing.

Ideal for freshening up en-route or after a day of sightseeing, backpacking, or hiking, featured pre-moistened towels to clean, disinfect, and deodorize the body. Prepare your natural formula that includes Aloe Vera, and Vitamin E that will leave skin feeling refreshed and moisturized, when you need a “shower on the go”, chances are you have been using traditional wet wipes, while f these are good for a quick wipe of your hands and part of your face, they are not ideal for a complete body wipe, develop this concept for freshening up when soap and water are not available, Create a wet wipe line specialized for adventure segment, ideal to attend cleansing need for backpackers, mountaineers, long-distance cyclists, and travelers, impregnate with Aloe Vera, and allow feel clean during these air activities, ideal for face, ears, neck, armpits, on down to toes and hands during camping activities, formulate with a cleansing solution with Aloe Vera, water-based solution, to remove, dirt and/or sweat, leaving the skin clean.

Ideally, we all would like to jump into the shower right after a workout, but it is not always possible. When your client has errands to run on the way home from the gym but you don't have time to shower, Create a wet wipe for post-work out, aerobics, spinning, yoga, and other exercises odor, Aloe Vera is your answer to this workout scenario to make a cleansing sensation after exercises, cleans swear and rid of that post-workout, This kind of wet wipe is an option to get on the car after work out and showering is not an option, Impregnate a water-based solution, formulated with Aloe Vera, and be effective to remove the salt and dirt from the skin associated with sweating and make to be ready to get on with your day.

Aloe Vera improves the availability of nutrients in combination products, Several studies confirm the cost-effective using aloe vera as a delivery system in any health preparation, dietary supplements, nutraceutical products, and functional food preparations, instead, a carrier, increase the bio-ability of your active ingredients, minerals, vitamins, amino acids tablets, As the dietary supplement industry is registering steady and rapid growth, consumers are demanding quality supplements. Consumer perception of the quality of oral solid dosage forms is changing, Aloe Vera gel enhances the bioavailability of vitamins C and E in humans, and also can significantly reduce transepithelial electrical resistance (TEER) of Caco-2 cell monolayers and also significantly enhanced the transport of insulin across this cell culture model, The transport enhancement effect of Aloe Vera materials is probably due to the opening of tight junctions to allow paracellular transport, Aloe Vera's polysaccharides contribute on their drug absorption enhancing properties. disintegrate and dissolve, Performance characteristics of oral solid dosage forms in public standards will address the in vitro dissolution requirements, which will be presented as they relate to multivitamin-mineral combination products, many potential therapeutic agents face the disadvantage of low bioavailability after oral administration due to poor membrane permeability, Drug absorption enhancers are compounds capable of reversibly removing the resistance of the outer layers in the body with minimum tissue damage, thus allowing the drug to enter the blood circulation in sufficient quantities.

Soothes irritated skin due friction of absorbent garment for feminine care- sanitary napkins and panty-liners, Provides protection as a moisture barrier, Hydrate and smooth skin, Gently cleanses in vaginal douches due low ph of aloe vera, Removes odor-causing bacteria in feminine wet wipes, Helps maintain a natural ph, Retains moisture, smoothes away surface dryness and protects against menstruation time, Aloe Vera gel moisturizers to effectively penetrate through layers of skin, speed up cell renewal and feminine itchy skin and heals, Has the ability to re-moisturize and revitalize dry, damaged skin, Natural moisture balance, Aloe Is a natural skin conditioner, helps to soothe soft and smooth skin, Eliminate the bacteria that caused unpleasant odors, Can be used during pregnancy, Not causing redness, itchiness, irritation & dryness, Maintain the natural ph balance for intimate area, while gently, but effectively cleansing, Real origin Musk fragrances (according Tahara ), To be used in a daily basis, Have silky & soft feeling.

Adding Aloe Vera to an Oral hygiene regimen greatly boosts the mouth's protection against periodontal diseases, Aloe Vera gel soothes and heals mouth sores, both thermal and chemical, Aloe Vera gel cures acute inflammation of the Oral mucosa of fungal or bacterial origin and candidiasis, Aloe Vera gel provides relief from pressure ulcers after ill-matched dental prostheses. It can be used immediately before the imposition of a prosthesis, which also has antibacterial properties and prevents odor, Aloe Vera gel controls bacteria after surgically placed dental implants, Aloe decreases pain, reduces swelling, and other symptoms of inflammation in the mouth. Aloe stays on the skin and gums surface for a few hours, which further extends the therapeutic effect.

Aloe vera balance of physical properties of intimate woman care products, such as softness, flexibility, strength, integrity, and resiliency has not been completely optimized. Topical chemistry may be used to enhance the delivered product properties of feminine hygiene (wet wipes, absorbent articles, cleansers, etc). This has been particularly true for those who manufacture feminine hygiene products and make the desired improvement add value to skin health or the ability to impart skin health benefits from natural sources, as aloe does, which are intended to condition, hydrate and soothe the skin without irritation for repeated contact the skin to better enhance the benefits to your female clients.

Add more life to your facial care products with natural bioactive from Aloe Vera. Mainly due to aloe vera polysaccharides acting as moisturizers, hydrating the skin, aloe is absorbed into the skin and stimulates the fibroblasts to replicate themselves faster and it is these cells that produce the collagen and elastin fibers, so the skin becomes more elastic and less wrinkled, aloe makes the surface of the skin smoother because of its cohesive effect on the superficial flaking epidermal cells, binding them, aloe possesses the ability to interfere with the enzyme that produces melanin deposits in the skin, helping to prevent the formation of 'liver spots', which tend to develop in aging skin. When used regularly it may even help to eliminate existing spots. Moisturizes the skin, Preserve skin's vibrancy, Reduces wrinkles and age lines, and smoothes skin to help you look the very best, Helps to ease away fine lines, and get needed moisture deep-down to revitalize skin, It hastens skin repair and hydrates your skin resulting in healthy and glowing skin, The Aloe Vera can be used on the bases of ti acne capabilities, stating that the anti-inflammatory properties have a positive impact on the condition, helping to soothe and clean up outbreaks, Aloe Vera improves the skin's ability to hydrate itself; it is therefore an active skin conditioning agent. Externally applied, it is a natural skin with the ability to penetrate the skin and transport healthy substances through it. AMB complies Non-GMO Project (NGP) Standard requires Where Food Comes From (WFCF). Yes we do, we state that assess all potential GMO risk ingredients in a product, including highly processed ingredients and sub-ingredients, without risk status of your particular Ingredient and its possible sub-ingredients as they relate to the enrollment product.

Develop a unique formulation with the fully active power of Aloe vera Most skin care products consist mostly of water. Therefore, "aqua" is found first on the ingredient list (INCI) of most creams and serums. Water is important for the fluid balance of our body but has a little significant effect on the skin. Therefore we replace this main ingredient with pure Aloe vera juice from our certified organic ingredients and convert aloe vera juice (Barbadensis Miller) as the first ingredient in the list of ingredients on your label.

That is why we replace the main ingredient in cosmetic formulations, water, with our field-fresh, pure Aloe vera juice, supplemented by valuable plant oils and extracts. In this way, our natural cosmetic formulation achieves a uniquely diverse effect on the skin: regenerating, providing and binding moisture, soothing and protecting - aligned to the different skin needs.

AMB products use 100% certified organic aloe barbadensis miller by ECOCERT.

One specific polysaccharide of interest is acemannan, which is a β-(1,4)-acetylated soluble polymannose found mostly primarily in the gel, its concentration in the plant is closely linked to planting conditions, and particularly to water and light levels. Acemannan itself has been reported to have many pharmacological and biological applications in medical and industrial fields, such as for oral diseases, cardiovascular diseases and tumor diseases.

Our Branch InnovaloeTM juice, liquid concentrate and powders are based on proven nutrition science, a commitment to ongoing nutrition research and development, a rigorous quality assurance program and the control of product integrity, certified by our own laboratory or international third partie's laboratories.

Oral cavity is another external surface that people take active care to maintain. They prefer their oral cavity including the gums and teeth to be free of problems like cavities, tartar, gingivitis, caries, and bad breath, also known as halitosis, and plaque. A. vera can play a significant role in dentistry in treatment of lichen planus, oral submucous fibrosis, recurrent aphthous stomatitis, alveolar osteitis, periodontitis, etc. Aloe Vera and oral hygiene go hand by hand, as aloe vera has remarkable properties for teeth and gums' health. Gingivitis, periodontal disease, and diseases of the associated structures, i.e., interdental ligament and bone, alveolar bone, and tooth structure itself, all have a common etiology, plaque. Plague in the oral cavity is ubiquitous, and its control is critical not only to control inflammation but also maintenance of healthy gums and fresh breath. Antibacterial and antifungal agents are the most distinctive qualities to combat oral problems, such as tartar, sores, and bad breath. gel, toothpaste, irrigation solution for ultrasonic instrumentation (in dental), mouthwash or lozenge or chewable on oral tissues (preferably on the gums the mucosa of the cheeks and back of the tongue.

Aloe is the most used in consumer products. The proper scientific name is Aloe vera (L.) Burm. f. The synonym Aloe barbadensis or Aloe barbadensis (Mill.) or (Miller) is commonly used to refer to aloe vera and can also be seen on many product labels. Are there standards established defining what is and isn't aloe vera? The IASC, and other countries such as the European Union, China, and Korea, have established standards to define what is (and what is not) 'aloe vera'. The IASC standard states that only products containing acemannan, or the beta 1-4 acetylated glucomannans, can be accurately labeled as aloe vera. Acemannan is a naturally occurring polysaccharide that is present in aloe vera and is used as an identifier of the botanical by analytical means. Products that do not contain acemannan are not considered to be true aloe vera based on this standard.

The primary component of the plant used in most products is the leaf, which can be processed in two ways to make aloe vera juice. Aloe vera juice can then also be converted to powder or concentrated, The other substance ( aloin ) found within the leaf that has been used in commerce, primarily as an OTC laxative drug, is the aloe latex. This substance is found between the rind and the inner leaf material, and is a bitter, yellow-brown to reddish substance that contains anthraquinones, including a powerful constituent called aloin which acts as a laxative. As noted in the processing section below, manufacturers remove this substance during raw material processing and the IASC standard for aloin in products for oral consumption is less than 10ppm (parts per million). For products for topical usage, the Cosmetic Ingredient Review established a limit of 50ppm of aloin, which is the accepted industry standard.

Aloe vera is typically grown without the use of pesticides as the botanical has so few natural predators, and as long as growers adhere to the organic standards, there is no reason why the vast majority of aloe vera plants cannot be grown organically. AMB Wellness and its branches , Innovaloe, Acetypol and Highpol are certified by ECOCERT.

Yes, aloe vera is cultivated commercially in a sustainable manner. More information can be found on harvesting and cultivation in the IASC publication "IASC Presents a Scientific Primer on Aloe", linked above. CITES, (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) lists every other species other than aloe vera.

The IASC has a list of aloe vera suppliers among its members, which includes the most prominent suppliers in the world. Many of these suppliers also sell IASC certified aloe vera raw materials (see Finished Products Section below for more details on the IASC certification, AMB is certified its facilities, process, quality and assurance by IASC , Mexico is the biggest aloe plantations for extracts, juices, concentrates and powder, click this link and you will fin AMB facilities certification by IASC.

An excellent question! And the answer isn't a simple one. The best aloe vera products has good contain of polysaccharides, and without any adulterant, and can prove to contain aloe vera as HPLC/GPC and NMR analysis. Whether it is made from organically grown aloe vera, contains 99.5% of water and 0.5% aloe vera solids, is made of inner leaf.

AMB is extremely proud of the quality and purity of all its products. Not only does INNOVALOETM have state-of-the-art manufacturing and distribution facilities, but they are also the proud owners of several official certifications that show the quality and the robust processes the products undergo. Here are some of the core certificates that they have been awarded for their excellence:

Yes, it does. Storage drums, jerry can, IBS must be storage at frozen -18 Centigrades or refeer 0-2 centigrades.

A food supplement and tonic for general health and wellbeing.

Although it can be grown indoors just about anywhere, aloe vera can be found thriving in various regions of the world Southwestern U.S. Southeast Asia, the Bahamas, Mexico, Central America, West Indies.

Aloe vera may be most well-known for its moisturizing properties. It can be found in plenty of skin and hair products, but it can also be used straight from the plant. Aloe extract is promoted complete regeneration of the skin. Research suggests that polysaccharides in the gel have anti-itching and anti-inflammatory that help with wound healing, topical use encourages regeneration of tissue. When used topically, aloe vera can soothe inflamed skin, enhance collagen and promote hyaluronic acid production to help rejuvenate skin.

Our products do not contain any gluten. Some of our products are certified Kosher by OK. We are cruelty free.

Our products contain the barbadensis Miller species of Aloe vera, which is used most often in commercial products.

AMB complies Update of the list of QPS-recommended microbiological agents intentionally added to food or feed as notified to EFSA 16: suitability of taxonomic units notified to EFSA until March 2022, we use organic leaves, grown without pesticides, maximizing the nutrients within. Aloe Vera, however, is NOT covered under the Fairtrade Certification program. As mentioned above, Aloe Vera is not an agricultural product included in the FLO's Fairtrade Certification program. Regardless, AMB has maintained its stance as an Aloe Vera supplier to carry out international Fairtrade practices. No type of agrochemical fertilization is carried out, since the soil is certified as organic and it is not possible to apply any kind of agrochemical fertilizer, as fertilizer the material that is cut as weeds is used, the aloe vera is placed around of the plant so that it decomposes and the nutrients are returned to the land, being used as well as fertilizer, also once the productive cycle of a plot of Aloe Vera is finished, it is left in rest and the residues of the plant material that is obtained from the process are incorporated from Aloe. In AMB Wellness, we believe in the importance of environmental responsibility and making ethical choices for Cosmetics & Food products, which is why all our products are GMO-free, fungicides, insecticides, pesticides, fertilizers free & 100% natural. Organic has grown out of the conscious effort by inspired people to create the best possible relationship between the earth and mankind. The organic term denotes that the products produced in following certain standards during production, handling processing, and marketing stages are certified by a duly constituted certification body or authority as Ecocert.

AMB Wellness considers itself to be an Industry leader in all aspects of its business operations. The Company is proactive in raising the bar on its scientific technology, products and services to meet—and exceed—the expectations of the Industry and its customers. Whether AMB Wellness's customers, its plantations partners can all rest assured that AMB Wellness always has—and always will—continue to work with partners that employ Fairtrade practices. Our Aloe Vera fields partners has taken great pride in building meaningful relationships with all of its employees, and has always been most appreciative of the important role its Mexico employees play in the Company's operation. AMB Wellness and our Aloe Vera production partner are committed to continuing to provide a workplace of the highest quality and caliber for anyone who works on the Aloe Vera used in INNOVALOE raw materials We work with farmers who utilize the latest processing techniques and we locally source our Aloe Vera to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.

Modern harvesting techniques are guaranteed throughout the farm system and no pesticides, no chemicals. Mature aloe vera reached to three years of careful cultivation, each mature leaf is gently removed from the plant by hand with a small incision along the stalk. No pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, rodenticides, and others, including free of glyphosate and fosetyl. Applied sciences is the essence of our growth, this is the specific issue upon AMB Wellness has been developing innovative Aloe Vera ingredients for you. We delivered natural proprieties of Aloe Vera in your hands, our premium extracts are presented in your daily life through.

Our process stars with the living plant, through a strategically vertical integration AMB pays careful attention to growing, harvesting, and manufacturing our certified organic aloe ingredients. From seed to finished product, we are dedicated to purity and quality every step of the way. Extensive microbiological and purity testing at international laboratories. We subject both all our products to extensive microbiological and purity testing before their release to ensure the highest quality products. AMB Wellness uses only three-year-old Aloe Vera leaves to produce the best product on the market, the aloe vera we use comes from the thick, rubbery leaves of the aloe vera plant, an evergreen succulent that thrives in sunny, well-drained soil. Aloe leaves are cut, washed and filleted by press roll and hand, all within 24 hours, removing anthraquinones content, concentrate and pasteurize, and dry by spray dried process.

AMB Wellness has turned to COSMOS standard, and any product or raw material has been evaluated to confirm production and manufacturing have met the strict standards set forth. COSMOS observes principles such as promoting the use of ingredients from organic agriculture, using production and manufacturing processes that are good for the environment and safe for human health, and including and expanding the concept of "green chemicals".

Aloe Vera RTD for us, comes from the process of washing the leaf, cutting tips and bottoms and goes through a pressing process that extracts the pulp and this is passed through a finisher and separates the insoluble fibers and small particles of the leaf, this single strength use contains a yellow sap to protect the plant from insects or animals, this component is called aloin and has a bitter taste, activated charcoal is added to the juice for the aloin removal process and it is filtered, pasteurized and packaged in 200 liter HDPE Drums.

AMB Wellness has partners with formal plantations to cover your needs. Also, Aloe Vera is a perennial plant, so it is available all year round. AMB Wellness considers itself to be an industry leader in all aspects of its business operations. The Company is proactive in raising the bar on its scientific technology, products, and services to meet—and exceed—the industry's expectations and customers. AMB Wellness and our Aloe Vera production partner are committed to continuing to provide a workplace of the highest quality and caliber for anyone who works on the Aloe Vera fields, Mexico has more tan 17 thousand hectares with plantations.

Pasteurization process are made by fast pasteurization 80°C to 105°C, during 15 to 30 seconds, the process of hot filling, which we do it at 80-85°C then goes to our refrigerated warehouse at 0-2°C, once there the cooling process will create a vacuum inside the container, preventing microbial growth. We can say this is something positive because removing oxygen avoids oxidation and helps to preserve the product in great conditions. Please do not open it until you will use it, because at the moment of opening, it will be in contact again with oxygen and the spoilage of bacterias could start.

Sustainability over the long term. The aloe vera meets the sustainability objectives since they involve the conservation and improvement of natural resources; producers receive a better income and better living conditions. Aloe vera is cultivated commercially in a sustainable manner. Aloe vera is typically grown without pesticides as the botanical has so few natural predators, and as long as growers adhere to the organic standards. ALOE VERA exports are a crucial source of growth and employment in Mexico and contribute to poverty reduction and rural development. Indeed, the Aloe area makes a comparative advantage for Mexico, which is keen to see an expansion in the market for their Aloe Vera exports. Aloe Vera cultivation brings great benefit to producers, encourages better working conditions, improved productivity and reduced environmental costs, and is an all-around year supply.

Yes, we are currently exporting more of 40 countries, AMB is your personal care partner, AMB has been global presence from their distribution network and key companies over the world in cosmetic industry. Offering natural and botanical solutions and other cosmetic ingredient with excellent support for your ideas or formulas, driving the successful business of our partners. AMB performance personal care ingredients that fulfill the key consumer trend for natural products focused on wellbeing.

Aloe vera plant depending on the properties you intend to add to your cosmetic. AMB processes its Aloe Vera leaves within hours of harvesting. They are washed and rinsed twice before being carefully processed. Except for its outer leaf of Aloe's outer skin, the raw gel is stabilized by a proven, patented process that preserves all the different nutritional compounds naturally occurring in the plant. Only Pure aloe vera gel is used. The leaf along with the yellowish lining (called aloin), is removed, finding results just no more than 0.1ppm in an Aloe Vera Juice of 0.5% solution. Only mature for three-year-old Aloe Vera plants are harvested and used for manufacture providing better amounts of polysaccharides and other Aloe compounds. The filleting of the plant is completed within 36 hours of harvesting the leaves. AMB Wellness has enough aloe vera plantations to meet the current needs you require, and if soon your need increases, be confident that we can provide and give you the best service and supply all year round your requests for both products, spray dried powders and concentrates with the main compound of Aloe, polysaccharides.

Quality Standards and Certifications: We are constantly adhering to International Standards; all of our Aloe Vera raw materials are embraced with the following certifications: COSMOS, Organic, NOP Organic (USA) , Halal, Kosher, FSSC 22000 (GMP, HACCP, ISO22000, Food safety).

Jerry can 20 lts, Drums 200 lts (HDPE), IBC of 1000kg.

Since one kilo, doble bag, polyurethane bag from inside and aluminon bag for external protection, 10 y 25 kilos in fiber drums bulk presentation, with a plastic bag inside.

Aloe vera es commonly uses 130219 and two mode digits are used by country.

Yes, we do.

All our raw materials are natural ingredient.


AMB Wellness provides thanes quality products without the use of animal testing.

Yes, Innovaloe products are consider food grade, and we comply with HACCP standards, GMP, FSSCC for safety and innocuity.

Among its active components the Aloe Vera extracts (juices, concentrates and powders) from AMB provide polysaccharides, protein, organic acid, vitamins, amino acids and mineral that can be incorporated into formulations for moisturizing, anti-inflammation, and skin lightening products, as well hair care products, Cosmetic grade (CG) products have low bacterial plate counts making them suitable for use in a wide variety of cosmetic and personal care applications. Consumers are highly aware of the need to protect and restore their skin and hair. Especially in demand are effective anti-aging actives that neutralize free radicals, slow down the formation of fine lines and wrinkles or retain the skin's moisture.

Yes, we are certified as ORGANIC by ECOCERT.

Our aloe vera raw materials have been produced without the use of nanotechnology, does not contain strange nanoparticles, the aloe vera powder 200X is not a nanoparticle and should not be labeled as engineered nanomaterial, whey allows us to ensure the compliance of the regulation (EU) 1169/2011. According to cosmetic regulation 1223/2009, we do not from la allergen list no have presence in the ingredients, or any use in the production site and not have any Risk of cross contamination in production.

The single juice of aloe vera gel is 0.5% brix and InnovaloeTM aloe vera gel spray dried powder organic, is 100% pure aloe vera gel juice powder which means INNOVALOE ALOE VERA GEL SPRAY DRIED POWDER 200:1 ORGANIC 200 times concentration of single strength juice os aloe vera gel (0.5 brix).

Our product "INNOVALOE ALOE VERA GEL SPRAY DRIED POWDER 200:1" processed by AMB-WELLNESS is 100% of vegetable nature of Mexican origin and is not sourced or derivates from bovine tissues from animals born, raised or slaughtered in countries where bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) and/or transmissible spongiform encephalotomy (TSE) is known to exist. Our aloe vera raw materials are processed in facilities where material of animal is not allowed.

All our finished products have been produced without the use of genetically modified organism and /or products derived from these. All relevant safety precautions have been taken to prevent contamination with genetically modified organism or products derived from these.

Innovaloe™ aloe vera gel spray dried powder 200:1 processed by (AMB-WELLNESS) is gluten free for cross contamination and accidental contamination, all relevant safety precautions have been taken to prevent contamination with gluten or products derived from these.

All our finished products have been produced without the use of ionization or irradiation. All relevant safety precautions have been taken to prevent contamination assuring a physical-chemical and microbiological quality.

The product "INNOVALOE ALOE VERA GEL SPRAY DRIED POWDER 200:1" processed by AMB-WELLNESS is produced from ALOE VERA (L.) BURM.F., (ASPHODELACEAE) and is 100% of botanical origin, no materials of animal source, insect source (like honey), dairy source or eggs. The plantations are cultivated and harvested in San Luis Potosi, Mexico and are grown organically without chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

  • Enhances macrophage effectiveness in modulating the entire immune system, stimulate, produce, and release antibodies.
  • Increases the number of antibodies forming T-cells in the spleen.
  • Helps to effectively balance and restore proper immune system function.
  • Helps enhance the immune systems functions.
  • May have natural activity against harmful organisms.
  • May Help lower autoimmune responses.
  • Helps boost immune function by increasing enzyme secretions.
  • Is an Immune System Booster and encourages the body to heal itself naturally.
  • Helps reduce colds, flu, and other respiratory infections.

No artificial flavoring or coloring is added to the gel. Boiling or pasteurization is cheaper and faster. Excessive heat destroys the active ingredients. FLP uses only sub-pasteurization temperatures (known as 'cool processing') to ensure enzyme activity is preserved. FLP Aloe Vera is not reconstituted from freeze-dried gel. This is how some companies can offer 'double-strength' products and so on. FLP products contain 100% stabilized Aloe Vera gel, from plant to product to you.

  1. Aids in Digestion
  2. Aloe vera is popular in natural health as a digestion aid. Aloe is chock full of antioxidants which promote a strong immune system, and the polysaccharides also have anti-inflammatory qualities. Some people use aloe to help with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), ulcers and to detoxify the intestinal track.

  3. Strengthens the Immune System
  4. Aloe's ability to detoxify helps keep the immune system in check. The body has a much better chance at fighting off illness and infection if as many nutrients as possible can make their way into the bloodstream. Polysaccharides are the primary component of aloe vera gel. These compounds, which are found in plants, create the thick quality of the gel. The most important compounds feed the immune system, polysaccharides Also, aloe vera has antioxidant properties present in the aloe gel ward off free radicals which negatively impact immunity.

  5. Lowers Cholesterol
  6. A few studies have indicated that aloe can play a role in lowering cholesterol. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), daily intake of 10 ml or 20 ml of aloe for 3 months was shown to reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol by 18 percent and total cholesterol by 15 percent.

  7. Provides Pain Relief
  8. Aloe vera's anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities may be helpful in relieving muscle and tendon pain. The gel is sometimes used topically in sports medicine to soothe achy muscles, but taken orally, the anti-inflammatory ingredients may also help with pain. It's important to note that if you're using aloe vera to reduce inflammation, you should also rebalance your diet. By eliminating unhealthy foods, the aloe vera has a better chance of working.

  9. Diabetes Treatment
  10. There are several ways aloe vera may help those suffering from diabetes. Some research has demonstrated aloe vera's ability to lower blood glucose levels. However, the NIH warns that combining glucose-lowering medication with aloe vera can have harmful effects. People with Type 2 diabetes may also look to aloe as a way to lower excessive amounts of fat in the blood. Aloe's ability to heal wounds faster may also benefit people with diabetes who have suffered from ulcers or wounds on their legs.

  11. Relieves Arthritis Pain
  12. Arthritis is a chronic condition in which joints are inflamed causing pain and stiffness. Aloe vera contains several enzymes and amino acids that are known to have anti-inflammatory qualities. Evidence is limited, but some people take aloe vera gel orally to ease the pain of arthritis.

  13. Skin Care
  14. The NIH says aloe vera is “possibly effective” for several skin ailments, including cold sores, psoriasis and itchy rashes on the skin or mouth. And although it's most commonly used for sunburns, research hasn't shown that it reduces redness. Most people use the gel for its natural cooling effect on the skin. Although studies haven't proven the gel can prevent burns from radiation therapy, some research has shown it can promote faster healing after treatment.

Is a nutricosmetics, is intake by liquid shoots, pills, and capsules, also known as cosmeceuticals, are cosmetic products with biologically active ingredients purporting to have medical or drug-like benefits. Cosmeceuticals are used for nourishing as well as improving the appearance of the skin and are also documented as effective agents for treating various dermatologic conditions. Cosmeceuticals improve appearance by delivering nutrients necessary for healthy skin. Cosmeceuticals treatments for conditions such as photoaging, hyper pigmentation, wrinkles and delaying signs of aging. formulators can take advantage of a firmer, and broader, foundation of knowledge upon which to build their products.

Nutrition All the Way
The juice is packed with vitamins and minerals like Vitamins B, C, E, and folic acid and small amounts of calcium, copper, chromium, sodium, selenium, magnesium, potassium, manganese and zinc. Vitamin B helps maintain brain health, Vitamin C keeps the immune system and also lowers the risks of cardiovascular diseases, Vitamin E guards the body against cancer while folic acid reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Helps Digestion
If you are someone who suffers from acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome, aloe vera juice might be the solution for you . It's imperative that the digestive system works properly for the body to be able to absorb nutrients from the food. Aloe vera comprises enzymes that help breakdown sugars and fats and keep the digestive system running smoothly.

Helps Digestion
If you are someone who suffers from acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome, aloe vera juice might be the solution for you . It's imperative that the digestive system works properly for the body to be able to absorb nutrients from the food. Aloe vera comprises enzymes that help breakdown sugars and fats and keep the digestive system running smoothly.

Aloe Vera Boosts Immunity
Aloe vera juice is good source of antioxidants that help cut out free radicals from the body. It also helps cleanse the liver, kidneys, bladder, and spleen and boosts your immunity. A strong immune system means you can fight diseases and weather fluctuations more effectively.

Aloe Vera Provides Energy
In current times, everyone leads a hectic lifestyle which leads to exhaustion. Including aloe vera juice in your diet will in muscle development and fulfil protein requirement to an extent. One glass of the juice diluted with water will boost your energy levels and get you through the day.

  1. Aloe vera juice detoxifies
  2. 'Aloe vera juice is full of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, making it one of nature's most effective cleansers. It can help strengthen digestion and rid the body of any nasty waste, thus naturally detoxifying the body,' says Sebastian. 'It's soothing, cooling and moistening, which helps to clear inflammatory and irritating heat, such as in menopause, plus inflammatory skin and digestive problems, such as acne, rosacea and IBS (opens in new tab).'

  3. Aloe vera juice supports the immune system
  4. 'Aloe vera is packed full of immune-boosting polysaccharides which help the immune system to behave properly.' 'Too much inflammation in the body can cause problems within the immune system and conditions like asthma, eczema, and Crohn's disease. Soothing herbs like aloe vera juice can slow the inflammatory cascade and help reorder the immune response to prevent these conditions.'

  5. Aloe vera juice lowers cholesterol and blood sugar
  6. 'Some evidence suggests aloe vera lowers cholesterol and has a positive effect on blood sugar levels, meaning it's useful for treating diabetes and obesity.'

  7. Aloe vera juice is excellent for digestion
  8. 'It's worth trying for anyone who suffers with digestion problems like IBS, as aloe vera juice has healing and soothing properties, which could help with the painful symptoms.'

  9. Aloe vera juice helps strengthen hair
  10. 'Why? Because aloe vera juice is full of natural vitamins and enzymes that can directly promote healthy hair.' See, aloe vera juice benefits span past just health perks.

  11. Aloe vera juice is good for burns, acne and hydrating skin
  12. Are there any aloe vera juice side effects we should know about? 'There are no negative side effects if you use a pure aloe vera inner leaf juice, if you use an aloe vera leaf product, ensure is from aloe vera pulp and decolorized, avoid products with high aloin levels. Aloin is a laxative which can cause diarrhea if too much is used. Of course, always consult your doctor before undergoing any complementary or alternative treatments for health problems.