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Take a deeper look into the worldwide certifications that make our
Aloe Vera a first class product

Cosmos Eco Cert

AMB WELLNESS is a company certified with COSMOS RAW MATERIAL V3 level by ECOCERT. This stands for environmentally compatible production processes and high social standards in manufacturing. Products marked with the ECOCERT logo show that they consistently fulfill these strict requirements from the raw materials, production process, distribution and sales to the end of the product’s life cycle. For AMB, the certification demanded a high comprehensive assessment of how our ALOE VERA INGREDIENTS are produced (including all raw materials and auxiliary materials, wastewater generated and air emissions) in accordance with the strict ECOCERT standards.

The COSMOS-standard's ultimate objective is to address the essential issues to the environment and welfare of man on the planet. For practical purposes, it aims to ensure the transition between today’s and tomorrow’s possibilities of technological advances to promote the development of cosmetics ever more natural and organic.

AMB WELLNESS produce and manufacture in accordance with COSMOS strict standards, which allows your organic or natural cosmetics products to be sold worldwide. A single international standard is the only way to ensure the same clarity, integrity, and consumer trust, as well as, manufacturing efficiency and sustainable development. The COSMOS-standard defines the criteria that companies must meet to ensure consumers that their products are genuine organic or natural cosmetics produced to the highest feasible sustainability practices.
Within these standards are the main principles of prevention and safety, reflective from the production of raw materials to the distribution of finished products, which includes:

  • Promoting the use of products from organic agriculture, and respecting biodiversity
  • Using natural resources responsibly and respecting the environment
  • Using processing and manufacturing that are clean and respectful of human health and environment
  • Integrating and developing the concept of "Green Chemistry" instead of using petrochemicals
  • Providing transparency for consumers

  • Read More at the Cosmos Certification Web Page

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1 / 5
FDA approved
100% Degradable
GMO Free product
Glutten free
2 / 5
HACCP Standard
Nano particule free
No childs work
3 / 5
CRM Free
Polysaccharides Content Extraction
GPM Product
Polysaccharides Vitamins & Minerals Guarantee
Pesticides Free
4 / 5
Export Award 2013
Food Grade
Free technical support
5 / 5
Odorless, Tasteless & Colorless
No Animal Testing
Melanina Free
Bencene Free

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