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Functional Ingredients
  Aloe Bioactives

Aloe Vera Carrier

Aloe is a great carrier increasing bioavility of other compounds.- The great success of Aloe as a commodity f or use in nutritional f oods and cosmetics is due t o the pr oper s tabilizing procedures that enable processors to store and ship the Aloe Gel without fear of spoilage throughout the market places of the world. Research conducted around the world leaves little doubt that certain biochemical properties of Aloe will be proven facts. Such attributes as moisturizing and penetrating properties are known, but the attributes such as its healing abilities and analgesic action to bacterial activity has not be en clearly defined and documen ted thr ough pr operly controlled scientific research and testing.

Aloe active biological agents

Aloe Vera’s nutrient tools may be useful in a variety of situations where the body needs to draw upon extra support to keep itself healthy or return its tissues to health, such as: High in nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids Regarding wellbeing, however, the new great opportunity is an offer micro and macro nutrients which is the utilization of natural food complexes (not single chemicals) to maintain human health.