Ever since the first studies of Aloe Barbadensis, AMB Wellness has been constantly innovating and researching new and better ways to provide Aloe Vera to diversified industries as Nutraceuticals, Functional Beverages, flavored drinks, Cosmetics, Personal care, home care, animal care and specialties. Today, we understand our mission and our goal, to provide wellness and health through natural products and materials.



AMB Wellness was founded in the year of 1999, is a manufacturer of Aloe Vera in Mexico. AMB are exporting worldwide, currently in 34 countries, processed according to HACCP practices and cGMP directives.

Our Aloe Vera is pure, cultivated in organic plantation, free insecticides or pesticides, with products with high concentration of polysaccharides or acemannan. Our presentation are Aloe Vera Single Juice 1:1, Aloe Vera Concentrate 5:1, Aloe Vera Concentrate 10:1, Aloe Vera Concentrate 20:1 , Aloe Vera concentrate 40:1 and powders 200:1, Aloe Vera gel 200:1 Spray Dried, Aloe Vera Gel Flakes, Aloe Vera Pearls, Aloe Acetypol, Aloe Highpol.

Aloe Barbadensis miller species, mature Aloe leaves, 3 years aged, processed into 24 hrs after harvested to retain 100% of Aloe bio-components.

Our facilities are certified by International Aloe Science Council and also Aloe Vera products (Aloe Vera certified by IASC). Our raw materials are in bulk, ideally for applications for Dietary supplements, Aloe Based Drinks, Aloe Polysaccharides, Aloe Acemannan, Functional Beverages, Facial Care, Cosmetics, Wet Wipes, Toilet Paper and Facial Tissues, Liquid Soap, Aloe Detergents, Non-woven, Aloe Dairy, Ice Cream, Animal Nutrition and Care also for Grooming Pet. We do not process finished products only Aloe Vera raw materials from Aloe ingredients. Our Aloe is food grade and cosmetic grade (Aloe GC) in low count of total count plate.

Our Aloe Vera Gel is aloin free, Aloe Vera gel FDA approved. Our brand INNOVALOE ALOE VERA GEL contains more than 70 active Aloe compound, bio-components as vitamins, enzymes, minerals, sugars, lignin, saponins, salicylic acids and amino acids.
Receive from Aloe ingredients the best Aloe benefits. AMB Wellness is ECOCERT Organic Aloe Vera certified, Fair Trade, Aloe COSMOS. Also our Aloe is approved according muslim authorites from IFANCA, EMEA, Asia Pacific, Levant Countries, French spoken muslim countries, arab countries and west Africa.
Besides are Aloe Vera Gel are process and certified by Earth Kosher, the Raw Materials certified by Kosher are:
- INNOVALOE Aloe Vera Juice 1:1
- INNOVALOE Aloe Vera 10:1
- INNOVALOE Aloe Vera Powder 200:1
- Aloe Vera Drinks

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Aloe Vera Drinks are nowadays extremely popular in Asia Pacific, this drinks can be found from Aloe Vera Soft Drinks, Aloe Vera flavored water, Aloe soft drink, Aloe based drink, all of which have gone down a treat with Asian consumers looking to improve both their health and the condition of their skin. Slowly but surely, however, the West is getting onboard with Aloe Vera ready to drink (RTD).

Aloe Vera Soft Drink with Pulp bits have seen a rise in popularity in recent years due to the range of health benefits from drinking Aloe Vera, which provides a variety of benefits among vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Aloe Vera juice has a hydrating effect and nutrients for the body and skin. When ingested, the ingredient reaps even more benefits, such as improved digestion, flushing out toxins and reducing inflammation. Aloe Vera Soft Drink is made with real Aloe Vera Extract plus Aloe Pulp and Natural added ingredients. Aloe vear floating pulp bits provides many benefits to the body internally; one of the most important benefits is a healthy and regular digestive system.

A healthy but refreshing drink on a hot day, but the big advantage of Aloe Vera is that can be categorized as Aloe non- carbonated beverage, can be consume all year long. One of the main characteristics of Aloe Vera based drink is reduced in sugar, as Aloe Vera drink round 8% sugar content (brix), lower of fruit drinks and so far of carbonated beverages, for that reason Aloe Vera drink is a healthier choice, Aloe Vera soft drink is Aloe light beverage.

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Market always are looking for new Aloe trends, AMB WELLNES conscious the Aloe spray dried it has not easy dispersion but acceptable, AMB developed a new technology with proprietary process, create Aloe flakes with superior solubility retaining the highest percentage of the beneficial compounds of Aloe compared with Aloe spray dried powders and Aloe Vera freeze dried powders, so you can benefit from all bioactive ingredients that places Aloe Flakes™ from AMB-Wellness, Aloe instant powder. Aloe flakes are one of the favorites around the world. AMB Wellness has developed the most potent soluble Aloe Vera powder in the industry, not lumps in production tank dilution.

Aloe Flakes™ by AMB is the ideal base for food processing applications like Aloe beverages, Aloe dispersible milk powder, Aloe instant chocolate mix, Aloe fruit powder, Aloe beverage powder, Aloe health bars or Aloe cereals, etc. Because of its extra thin layer form and crystal it has an advantage over any other common types of dried powders.

Aloe flakes is ideal for low pH food and viscous formulas that no require water added. The main purpose of our product, is to improve certain physical properties of food powders such as bulk density, flowability, dispersability, and stability.

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AMB WELLNESS offers delivery system for dietary supplements, choose any active ingredient and bio-enhance the benefit of botanical ingredient. Our Aloe Vera Gel is most used for Nutra & dietary supplements applications. Aloe Vera is an excellent carrier and excipient for Aloe supplements, Sport Nutrition, Food Fortification, Fortified premixes, Ageing Nutrition, Nutraceuticals and Animal Health. Aloe Vera is an ingredient that will surely be of the interest for companies manufacturing Aloe tablets, softgels, hard capsules, Aloe powders and Aloe functional drinks.

Demand will continue to grow at a healthy rate in global market, where a rapidly growing middle class with increasing disposable income is making a steady shift to natural and organic products. Factors such as increasing trend of consumers towards healthy lifestyle, coupled with increased usage of Aloe Vera extracts as an ingredient on food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Aloe’s polysaccharides contribute on drug absorption due to its enhancing properties.

Currently, the new trend on Aloe Vera global market is using the Aloe Vera for Nutraceuticals as a vehicle and excipient for other functional ingredients enhancing their bioavailability instead of using other carriers that will not contribute at all on the better absorption of the other ingredients, nowadays Aloe Vera can be found mixed with other actives such as vitamins, minerals, aminoacids, botanical extracts and so on. With the continued sedentary and hectic lifestyles of industrialized regions of the world and the relative increase of the senior segment of the world population, these trends are expected to grow (Aloe healthy ageing).

It is not the simple target to sale, but how can offer best results. Despite numerous issues facing the market, herbs and botanicals are set to experience the fastest growth of any of the nutraceutical categories, in fact, sales will continue to increase worldwide. Aloe is ideal for nutrition supplementation, for digestive system improvement, for immune system performance, for intestinal health and cardiovascular prevention. Even in Aloe Pet Health and Nutrition. There is huge opportunity to develop improved or newer products.

Aloe Vera carrier provides specific nutrients, cosmetic benefits among some other important benefits. Aloe Vera has been established overall health boosting capacities of various release active ingredient but there is a great interest and medical need for the improvement of bioavailability of a large number of nutra and food supplements.

Sports supplements and related health products are not just for trained athletes. Inevitably, a growing number of everyday people consume these items on the daily as part of their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. But even as Sports Nutrition manufacturers win over these non-niche consumers, the category’s more traditional clientele bodybuilders, elite athletes, and so on shouldn’t be forgotten. Aloe Vera is an excellent natural option for this pet market, Aloe has the effect of tonic; they support the immune system, healthy appetite, vitality and energy in active animals, lessening their sensitivity to external irritants. Aloe Vera is an ideal supplement that maintains pets in top form.

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Aloe Vera has some excellent moisturizing ingredients: consisting of 96% water and 4% amino acids, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, vitamins A, C, and E. The regenerating effect of Aloe has a great impact on the efficiency of cell division. Aloe works at the cellular level; each Aloe Vera Personal Care product is therefore an anti-aging effect.

Acquiring creams and skin care products is something that always appears on the shopping list of nowadays consumers. More and more people, both women and men, are concerned about having healthy and hydrated skin. Facial Care is especially important for today ́s society, which makes new and better products appear with the passage of time.

At present, facial moisturizers and rejuvenating serum are at the top of cosmetics sales lists. Among the creams most demanded by consumers we can find everything: on the one hand, more exclusive creams and at fairly high prices, such as the creams brands. AMB WELLNESS is your partner in the develop of highly effective products for Skin, Facial or Oral Care. Because of the benefits of Aloe Vera for the human body, ther is no other natural ingredient constantly tested and used by the consumers looking for a healthier cosmetic for a most careful society of consumers.

In skin care, Cosmetic and Personal Care products, more than any other consumer product category, a vital component is the product’s functionality, consumers want to buy effective, healthy and natural products that protect their skin, as well as their hair. The natural category has exploded and now accounts for a growing percentage of the global Personal Care market and is climbing at double digit rates. This market industry goes natural and organic, our Aloe Vera raw materials are natural.

AMB cosmetic grade (CG) products have low bacterial plate counts making them suitable for use in a wide variety of cosmetic and personal care applications. Rapid development and understanding of function mechanisms and chemistry of our body has developed the need for new natural ingredients.

These ingredients are vital to a better quality of life. In order to preserve bioactive components of natural extracts and to ensure that the functionalities will also be found in the final product for this, the formulation and manufacturing process are crucial. Conscious of this new trend AMB R&D department has flexible policies to support and develop products according to the specifict needs of costumers product formulations. Among its active components the Aloe Vera extracts (juices, concentrates and powders) from AMB provides wellness polysaccharides, protein, organic acid, vitamins, aminoacids and minerals that can be incorporated into formulations for moisturizing, anti-inflammation and skin lightening products, as well body care products.

However, little by little another type of professional skin care brands are bursting into the market. More and more people are looking for brands that manufacture 100% natural products and are very careful about the composition shown on each package.

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The Personal Care and Hygiene Industries have seen a dramatic growth in the number of new and innovative Non Woven product applications. The development of new properties and applications of Non Wovens has been triggered by the changing marketplace. The constant search for convenience and instant solutions to the always “on-the-go” lifestyles, have generated many new business opportunities within the Non Woven industries.
When looking at all the benefits this market can provide, it is easy to understand why products made of Non Woven become part of our daily lives and the material of choice for many end-uses and applications.

In response to the problems associated with diaper rash, formulate your top sheet Non Woven application containing Aloe Vera and emollient to reduce irritation due friction of the skin with diaper or feminine hygiene pads by movement during day, and improves skin softness, Aloe Vera provides the desired therapeutic benefits. Combine your innovative design, top absorbance levels with skin friendliness of Aloe Vera Another area which is rapidly growing in terms of Non Woven applications is the adult incontinence product category.
Although nobody wants to accept age as a concern, age-related problems occur despite new and advanced methods to stay healthy.

Adult incontinence is one of these issues. According to the WHO, more than 200 million people worldwide currently suffer from some kind of incontinence. You can add Aloe Vera lotion to all your baby product line: baby diapers, baby pants and change mats.

All our baby products have been designed on the basis of on-going research on mothers’ insights, study of the specialized needs of the sensitive baby’s skin, as well as close monitoring of technological developments in the field of baby hygiene. Baby pants with Aloe extracts uniquely combine effective protection, comfort and skin friendliness. Protects your baby customers during this stage of potty training.

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In the Feminine Hygiene category, products are becoming more and more technologically advanced with added cosmetic and convenience features to ease everyday use. New products are now more discreet or even invisible giving women a secure feeling and preventing any kind of leakage. The broad variation of products available includes everything from mini tampons and panty-liners to thin and thick sanitary pads, all products in which nonwovens play a major role in providing the desired properties and functions.

Aloe Vera provides a wealth of advantages ranging from softness, elasticity and absorption for your feminine hygiene products; add value for this increasing market with this natural ingredient, bringing a differentiation concept in benefit of your line of absorbent garment for feminine care- sanitary napkins, panty liners become a leader in the market adding natural extract into your products.

Be aware of the changing needs of the modern woman, creating a best respond to these needs, developing a range of Feminine Hygiene products with extra care product features, as Aloe Vera does for your products: - Alternative top sheet types, depending on the needs of different skin types. - Acquisition layer that distributes moisture lengthwise, to keep the top sheet dry. - Super absorbent core that ensures top dryness levels, and odorless for every day, also panty liners impregnate with Aloe Vera to offer a clean feeling, together with unique skin properties.

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Convenience has always been a major reason for the success of wet wipes. The other key feature for users is performance, whether cleansing a baby's bottom, removing makeup or any of the other targeted tasks. Now, more than ever, wet wipes for skin contact continue their path of market growth driven by performance.

Today’s nonwovens, in both specialty and commodity categories, when combined with additives, offer still more possibilities and growth potential.

Consumer wipes have been growing at almost 10% per year for the last decade, Wet wipes markets have moved well beyond concerns that they are "nice to have" to “must have” products. Wet wipes deliver features that build loyalty, particularly for skin contact benefits and adding Aloe Vera has become a key ingredient in Wet Wipes formulas.

Increase your sales using our botanical extract of Aloe Vera, costumers are looking for a useful and beneficial product. Threating the skin with healthy ingredients it’s a most. Because of the satisfaction obtained by using this well-4-you product there.

Consumers are concerned about the damage some chemical substances do to health. Studies have shown that some of the common used ingredients in home care were harmful.




Playing in Aloe Vera’s favor is the fact that a substantial number of consumers all over the world have already come across this ingredient in skin care products. A widespread association exists between Aloe Vera and personal care products, add high value to your paper tissues products applying botanical extracts as Aloe Vera.

The personal care and hygiene industries have seen a dramatic growth in the number of new and innovative toilet paper and facial tissue product applications. The development of new properties and applications of tissues papers has been triggered by the changing marketplace. The constant search for convenience and instant solutions to the always “on-the-go” lifestyles, have generated many new business opportunities within the tissue papers industries.

Tissue papers, as toilet tissues, facial tissues and napkin tissues, cleaning rags, handkerchiefs, kitchen roll, paper handkerchief, paper towels, sanitary paper and toilet paper, cotton buds, cotton wool, draw sheets and wash cloths are part of our daily lives.

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The effects of good Oral Hygiene run far deeper than the mouth, teeth and gums that are coated with plaque have actually been linked to an increased risk for various cardiovascular diseases. Adding Aloe Vera to an Oral hygiene regimen greatly boosts the mouth’s protection against periodontal diseases, such as gingivitis. Aloe mouth wash, Aloe toothpaste, Aloe chewing gum, Aloe toothbrush,

Benefits of AMB WELLNESS Aloe Vera products for oral hygiene
• Soothes and heals mouth-sores, both thermal and chemical.
• Support acute inflammation of the Oral mucosa of fungal or bacterial origin and candidiasis.
• Provides relief from pressure ulcers after ill-matched dental prostheses. It can be used immediately before the imposition of a prosthesis, which also has antibacterial properties and prevents odor.
• Controls bacteria after surgically placed dental implants.

Aloe Vera in addition to your formula decreases pain, reduces swelling, and other symptoms of inflammation in the mouth. Aloe stays on the skin and gums surface for a few hours, which further extends the therapeutic effect. Develop different products containing Aloe Vera, these solutions are specially formulated to effectively prevent caries and plaque formation (oral biofilm), highlighting its antioxidant action and enamel remineralizing. In addition, thanks to its composition (which includes vitamin E, sodium fluoride and xylitol) provide comprehensive care and protection of the mouth, teeth and gums.

Aloe Vera concentrate in addition to a product formula is highly recommended for bleeding and inflamed gums. It relieves toothache and helps to reduce phlegm. In addition, it will also help prevent cavities and protect your teeth from enamel wear. And is that Aloe has healing properties, soothing, disinfectant and anti-inflammatory. You just have to gargle with Aloe juice to notice all these benefits.

Aloe Vera contains at least six antiseptic agents: lupeol, salicylic acid, urea nitrogen, cinnamic acid, phenol and sulfur which make it an excellent natural cleanser and antiseptic. It acts like anesthetic to calm all sorts of pains thanks to the antiquinones. Its anti-bactericidal capacity also comes thanks to the cinnamic acid that also helps to calm the pain and to decompose the necrotic tissues and the pus. In addition, INNOVALOE ALOE VERA GEL CONCENTRATE in a topic formula helps stop itching. All this without forgetting that the Aloe is a great cellular regenerator that will help to heal more quickly the wounds of the mouth like the sores.

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Consumers expect home care products to offer health and well-being benefits in addition to beauty benefits, and use products for the mind as much as for the body. The pressure to look good all the time is pushing consumers to find an arsenal of beauty measures, the trend is toward a more natural look, and beauty-from-within is better aligned with this ideal than the short-term fixes topical products provide.

Always changing, the beauty industry continues to surprise and delight consumers who are on the lookout for more efficient beauty products that also play on their desires to give back and be wowed by technology. Although there is much to be said for offering traditional skin care and cosmetic solutions, it may be time to step out of the box a bit and see how today’s trends may appeal to your clients, as well as entice consumers in your community through the doors of your skin care facility.

Lots of demanded and newer products can be developed adding Aloe Vera extract in your chemical ingredients. Because of its’s benefits it is possible to develop a cleaning liquid formulated to be practical, effective, economical and at the same time safe for people and the environment. Thanks to the recent discoveries of AMB WELLNESS, pure Aloe and biodegradable surfactants combine to create this powerful yet soft-cleaning liquid. Important factors:
- Bring consumers a product that will help them in the cleaning labors and also will be harmless to their health.

Cleansing products formulated with our Aloe Concentrate be:
- Powerful: Removes dirt and stains that most other detergents can not remove.
- Biodegradable: completely safe for vegetation and water reservoirs.
- Multipurpose: can be used to clean virtually anything that can be moistened with water.
- Non-irritating formula: Aloe has been added to help make the laundry less irritating to the skin, and the clothes are soft and with a pleasant aroma, and also to soften and hydrate the hands while washing dishes and other general activities cleaning.


Aloe Vera concentrate can be used for almost any type of cleaning. That means a huge amount of products. Those products utilizing Aloe Vera ingredients are great. Such as washing machine detergent, for all kinds of garments, domestic cleaning, difficult cleaning tasks, and also wash the dishes. Finish dirt, remove grease, and remove stains. MPD replaces washing machine detergent, prewash, soak, handwashing detergents, fabric softeners, dishwashing detergents, kitchen, floor, bathroom cleaners, windows, mirrors and glass, cleaning products carpets, carpets and upholstery, car detergents, and even shampoo for pets.

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Today is very common to see people interested in their own health, looking for natural and organic options, that’s why we are dedicated to bring to you the best from nature trough one of the most fascinating plants on earth because of its beneficial properties, Aloe Vera.

A healthy, natural solution is what more and more people is looking for to solve their problems, AMB wellness is well aware of that, and that ́s why for the last 18 years we have being devoted to promote health and well-being through the properties of Aloe Vera.

Green and organic is the new trend in many parts of the world. Consumers nowadays are more and more informed and are looking not only tasty but healthy food so they need confidence on the product they are acquiring that ́s why we in AMB Wellness are dedicated to satisficed this needs through a combination of Aloe Vera raw materials that fills all what a green customer is looking for and more!

With the increasing interest in natural products across the world and the resultant upsurge in the demand for plant extracts, Aloe Vera is among the few plants by virtue of their extensive medicinal, nutraceutical and other uses enjoy a major chunk of the market across the globe. That ́s why Aloe Vera presents the finest commercial opportunity among the various plants extracts.

Demand for organic products is increasing in (Europe/united states, etc) because consumers are everyday more aware of the benefits for their bodies and health. Aloe Vera has been a top 10 extract for the last 20 years and its benefits are well known for anyone who use it.

Being without a basic natural ingredient such as Aloe Vera is not an option anymore on a market that is tending to a natural and organic preference. Because of all of its different uses and applications, Aloe Vera is a must have in your ingredients portfolio. Anyone can use the word organic in their products but to really be it you have to prove it. In AMB Wellness we work hard to prove our word. Our Aloe Vera is GMO and pesticides free and our production process complys with the highest european/american organic standards. Each year we reaffirm our commitment to organics through well-known certification bodies.

Aloe Vera is in the top ten of natural extracts, is highly demanded in different markets and is the N in nature for many products because of its healing and caring properties. We offer the best natural, organic Aloe Vera products that will give your customers what they ́re looking for and only Aloe can give: health, beauty and well-being.




In AMB Wellness we are aware to bring the service and quality products according to all the world including of course any culture and belief. So we emphasis to have the Halal certified. We accomplish the required terms permitted. In reference to food, it is the dietary standard, as prescribed in the Qur’an (the Muslim scripture).

The opposite of halal is haram, which means unlawful or prohibited. Halal and haram are universal terms that apply to all facets of life. We know these terms are commonly used in relation to food products, meat products, cosmetics, personal care products, pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, and food contact materials.

Islam is not only a religion it is a way of life with protocols, rules and manners governing every facet of life. Since food is an important part of daily life, food laws carry a special significance. The world’s Muslim consumers number 1.7 billion. They are twice the number of consumers in Africa and account for nearly 30 percent of the emerging market total. For all the current political issues, it’s hard for any multinational to claim they are truly international if they don’t have a strategy for selling to the Muslim world.

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AMB Wellness considers itself to be an important Aloe Raw Material leader, from the selection of its Aloe plantation until production of its excellent quality of Aloe Juice, concentrates and powders. AMB is proactive to meet and exceed the expectations of the multiple market segments that attend worldwide:

Food & Beverage, Nutraceuticals, Dairy, Pet Care, Cosmetics, Non-woven, Wet Wipes, Toilet and Facial Tissues, Oral Care, OTC and Animal Care. Whether AMB Wellness’s customers, they can all rest assured that AMB Wellness always has continue to work with partners that employ Fairtrade Practices.

Aloe Vera offers the development several regions in Mexico, not only for workers but for national and foreign corporations turning the region into a virtuous circle where we can find that both men and women work in this crop. Which it provides opportunities for people to participate in the process and its benefits, improving their economic situation and quality of life. It’s not allowed to hire kids on the Aloe Fields.

Aloe prefers solid sun, being a semitropical succulent plant, Aloe Vera Palnt grows best in the sort of warm and humid climate that Mexico provides. Like nearly all Aloe plants, they are not capable of withstanding frost and related temperatures. Aloe Vera is also known as Aloe Barbadensis miller, is the commonly accepted name and that is the description that you will find in most media articles about Aloe Vera. This variety is the most potent of all Aloe species, rich in minerals, vitamins, aminoacids, enzymes, mono- and polysaccharides and many other constituents, Aloe Vera is grown worldwide in temperate climates, and can be found in commercial operations in the US, Mexico, Central America, South America, China, India, Thailand, Africa, the Caribbean, Australia and the Asian tropics. Mexico is the main Aloe Vera producer worldwide (17,000 Has).


AMB Wellness's role in Fairtrade practices:
• AMB Wellness proves to commit to the ESR regulation (Equality, Solidarity and Responsibility).
• AMB Wellness, besides operating under the guidelines of corporate responsibility, the company/organization plays a role on the development of Fair Trade industries: long-term associations and fair prices.
• AMB Wellness demonstrates a commitment in social responsibility: best ethical practices, policies of responsible supply, positive impact in the local community, positive impact in the environment, etc.
Nowadays Fair Trade community is growing these consumers are more interested to contribute to benefit to those who lives and works in the farm, we appeal to our sense of social responsibility as a manufacturer to be part of this world social movement and aim to farmers and their workers with good practices for the benefit of farmers and workers, improving the position of adequate pay and living conditions and safe working environments. AMB has the policy to improve the position of disadvantaged producers of Tamaulipas and Rio Verde, Mexico’s Aloe plantations, by ascertaining adequate pay and living conditions and safe working environments.

Benefits of Fairtrade
1. Stable Prices of products, prices cover the costs of sustainable production - even when prices fall on the world market.
2. A Fairtrade helps our producers improve their quality of life. It is a sum of additional money and the producers decide democratically how to use it. They usually invest in educational projects, health, agricultural improvements or processing facilities to increase their income.
3. Association The producers participate in making decisions that affect their future. Fairtrade certified producers jointly own and administer.
4. Granting powers to producers and workers is a Fairtrade objective. Groups of small producers must have a democratic and transparent structure, in order to be certified. Workers are able to have representatives.

With Fairtrade, everyone wins.




In AMB Wellness you’ll find a partner company attaining IASC Certification. The program seal represents our commitment to a high level of quality and purity of Aloe Vera in our products. It is a symbol that stands for integrity, honesty, and quality. The seal demonstrates that our company has passed a professional inspection and audit for Aloe Vera processing, and that the quality and purity of Aloe Vera has been scientifically validated and certified by an independent group of professionals.

The IASC Certification Seal is a unique design commissioned by the Council, and the Council owns and has exclusive trademark of the symbol.

For the consumer, the Certification Seal indicates that quality Aloe Vera has been used to formulate the product, and guarantees that the product has met the IASC certification standards for quality and purity of Aloe Vera.

The best way for consumers to ensure they are purchasing products that have passed certification is by verifying the product is listed on the IASC certified products listing page. Consumers with questions about the certification status of a product can contact IASC directly for verification.

The IASC believes the Certification Seal represents the correct way to validate our Aloe Vera product to the world market and to quality-minded consumers. We encourage manufacturers to strongly pursue the certification process and the use of the IASC seal, and consumers to purchase products displaying the IASC certification seal.



COSMOS- standard AISBL

AMB Wellnes follows the COSMOS-standard applied to cosmetic products marketed as organic and natural. Its guiding principles are to:
• Promote the use of products from organic agriculture, and respect biodiversity;
• Use natural resources responsibly, and respect the environment;
• Use processing and manufacturing that are clean and respectful of human health and the environment;
• Integrate and develop the concept of “Green Chemistry”.

The Standard covers all aspects of the sourcing, manufacture, marketing and control of cosmetic products in 12 chapters.
• Origin and processing of ingredients – describes five categories, their origin requirements and how they may or may not be treated:

- Water
- Minerals and ingredients of mineral origin
- Physically processed agro-ingredients
- Chemically processed agro-ingredients
- Other ingredients

• Composition of total product – including how to calculate the organic content of complex ingredients (eg water based and other composite ingredients) and how much organic content is required in products under organic certification (specific percentage limits for physically processed agro-ingredients, chemically processed agro-ingredients, and the total product).
• Storage, manufacturing and packaging – to ensure adequate cleanliness, hygiene and traceability throughout all processes, and to ensure that packaging respects the environment.
• Environmental management – details the requirements for care of the environment throughout the manufacturing process, and managing, minimising and recycling waste.
• Labelling and communication – defines comprehensive requirements for clear product labelling and company advertising, to ensure all necessary information for consumers and no misleading claims.
• Inspection, certification and control – the requirements for all products, their ingredients and their manufacturing to be certified by a competent body, authorised by independent accreditation. The process is repeated annually to ensure on-going compliance.



AMB wellness apply integral analytics in the development of all of our products, starting with the reception of the Aloe Vera Leafs we start with the production process. Receiving the leafs and processing them.
Once the production process started, we realize an inspection analyze to the first samples of the concentrated obtained.

To determine the cleanliness, concentrations and properties of the stating obtained juice. Our R&D team determine the amount of all the substances involved. Aloin, Polysaccharides, Acemmanan among others. Inspection analysis
Weight (NLT 200 g)
Length (NLT 20 cm) Width (NLT 5 cm) °
Brix (NLT 0.5%)
Color (1, 2 and 3)
1.- green uniform
2. Red tips no more 10%
3.- red tips plus 10% pH (3.5-5)
Once we know the parameters obtained in the sample, the process continues in the addition of active charcoal in order to eliminate the unnecessary substances. Severus methods of filtration are applied to the juices till the product is fulfill the quality standards, in its chemistry and also physically.

The quality standards of AMB are specified to be the highest in the market. Our concentrates in any of their forms are studied and processed in order to obtain the specified percentages of polysaccharides and specifications depending of each client needs. The analytic process we apply are:
CPG: analysis that quantifies the total percentage of PS present in a sample without differentiating which is each. KFDA: Korean method that determines the percentage of PS in a sample, does not identify which components, is exclusive for customers in Korea.
NMR: technology that allows to identify the compounds that contain a sample (acemannan, WLM, conservatives, etc.). Ortho Acetyl method: Determines the% of acemannan present in the sample.
AMB Wellness is supported by various certified international laboratories, becoming a great team that brings only the highest Aloe Vera raw material products.




Two doubled polyethylene bags inside a fiber drum, containing 25 kgs. Standard packaging: 25 kg, 2 double polyethylene bags inside a fiber drum. Other packaging sizes at a slight extra cost: 1 kg, 2 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg. We can also customize the packaging size that best fits your production needs. AMB polyethylene bags are sulfur, amida, amina, silicone and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) free.

No chlorine and are water resistant. Bags are caliber 300, no opaque in appearance and resistant to temperature from 20° to 150° F. AMB metalic bag is caliber 300. All materials used for packing and repacking are food grade.

Unused portions should be kept in an airtight container and should not be exposed to moist environment to avoid caking. Product highly hygroscopic; when exposed to moist environment it could cake without losing its properties.
A recommendation about stacking is that the maximum stacking is of 5 drums of the same weight, if you pile more than 4 drums it will cause the first fiber drum to crack. Please note that wrong handling of our packaging can result into the damage of the quality of the product. Damage because of forklift hits can produce leaks.



Our Aloe Vera liquids are packed on HDPE drums, FDA food grade approved, and High Density Polyethylene due to its hermetic characteristics present no leakage. Depending on customers’ requests, it can be shipped on a dry maritime container or in a refrigerated one; if this is the case, temperature inside the maritime container is 1°C (35°F) to best preserve the liquids. When we use a refrigerated container, all the phases together from the beginning of the product ́s refrigeration to the final destination are commonly called “cold chain”.
Before AMB ́s Aloe Vera drums are loaded into the maritime container whether dry or reefer cargo, it passes a couple of cleaning and sanitizing procedures so no contamination can occur. Container in which stored should preferently be Type A: food grade, washed or cleaned as necessary to remove soil or other contamination. Water use for rising or washing the containers must be safe and of adequate sanitary quality.
We strongly recommend to pay special attention to handling under fork lifter use to avoid permanent damage of drums. Products shall be stored under conditions that will protect against contamination and minimize deterioration. Aseptic techniques are mandatory for sampling and industrial use Please note that pallet strength is NMT 1500 kg when stacked.